Chassis Concepts Prototype

Chassis Concepts

"THE EVOLUTION" of the C2/C7 Conversion Chassis

At first, we considered using C5 Suspension because of the multitude of used parts available. But then, we realized that we would be Two Generations old with a "New Product". That is why we chose to build the "New Chassis" with 2017 - C7 Suspension.
After much research, Perimeter was able to gather all of the Part Numbers to order a complete front and rear set of C7 Suspension.
We were able to purchase another set of used suspension from VetteWrecks out of a Fire/Salvage 2015 Corvette, to do our initial chassis geometry. Chuck Ryan also lent us a front "cut-off" (see pictures) from a flood/salvage, so that we could set up exact suspension pick-up points on the chassis.After building Perimeter2/C7 Chassis, the L/S motor mounts are tacked in place along with the lower suspension plate. This will ensure proper motor placement and clearance with the new suspension. The removable center cross-member and 3rd cross-member are installed to maintain Chassis rigidity.The next thing to do was to setup a full-width jig. This will allow us to keep the exact GM Geometry when we narrow the tread width to that of a 63-67 C2 Corvette. Once this is accomplished, we can align the two jigs to the correct width. We can then build a reverse jig, that will allow us to relate the suspension mounting points to the chassis.This process will be repeated with the rear suspension, with the addition of the differential engineering. We are using a C5 Differential (instead of the Viper C4 Differential) to maintain the character of the "Newer Generations". This also allows us more tire width and greater flex ability in the placement of the rear. It also allows the use of inner and outer CV Joints, as the unit was designed.


Replaces the 63 – 67 Corvette Chassis

Body Modifications are required to the floor behind the seats

Description Price
1963-67 Base C2/C7 Corvette Replacement Chassis with 2017 “C7” Suspension Geometry and Mounting Brackets $8,640.00
Media Blast and Metal Prep Chassis $370.00
Prime Powdercoat and UV Protected Gloss Black Powdercoat $650.00
Modify Rear Suspension Components To be determine
L/S Motor Mount Position No Charge
Removable Center Transmission Crossmember No Charge
LoneStar C4 Power Rack and Pinion Steering $460.00
Optional – 24″ D/D Bar, Metric-3/4 D/D Universal, 9/16-3/4D/D Universal $185.00 – Optional
NEW GM 2017 Corvette Front C7 Suspension $1,950.00
Aldan American Eagle Coilover Shocks w/ 400lb Springs $490.00
Carolina Swaybar Co – Custom Front Swaybar $370.00
NEW GM 2017 Corvette Rear C7 Suspension $2,125.00
Getrag C5 Rear Differential Assembly $850.00
Chassis Concepts Differential Adapter and Front Support $1,750.00
Aldan American Eagle Coilover Shocks w/ 300lb Springs $490.00
Chassis Concepts Custom Lower Coilover Adapter Mount $370.00
Carolina Swaybar Co – Custom Rear Swaybar $370.00
Chassis Concepts Custom Drive Axles $660.00
Modify Rear Adjustable Toe Assembly No Charge
Powder Coated C7 Front Calipers To be determine
Powder Coated C7 RearCalipers To be determine
C7 Semi Mettalic Brake Pads To be determine
Complete Set of C7 New Rotors and Small Parts Kit To be determine
Upgrade to Drilled and Slotted Rotors w/ PowerStop Ceramic Pads To be determine
Stainless Steel Brake Lines and Adapters $290.00
Stainless Steel Braided Flex Lines and Fittings $170.00
Stainless Steel L/S Style line w/ Return Filter/Regulator $325.00
Labor and Assembly $1,080.00
Optional items are not included in assembled price!  
Assembled Retail Price To be determine